Warning Signs

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend . . .

o Call you names, make fun of you? Put you down?

o Act extremely jealous and  possessive?

o Want to know where you are at all times? Check up on you?

o Call and text you constantly? Does he or she get angry if you don’t respond immediately or aren’t available?

o Criticize your friends, family, clothes, interests?

o Tell you what you can and can’t do?

o Pressure or force you to do things that make you uncomfortable or go against your values? Pressure or force you to have sex?

o Threaten to hurt you, your pets, family & friends?

o Threaten to hurt him or herself if you break up?

o Cause you to stop spending time with friends & family, or you avoid them to keep him or her from getting angry?

o Hit, push, pinch, grab, shove, pull or do other violent things to you?