Posey County Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

What Part of “I Love You” Don’t You Understand?

Does this sound familiar? “You’re so STUPID!”…I love You. “Fat Pig”…I love you. “Can’t you do anything right?!”…I love you. “Psycho”…I love you. “If you leave,... Read More

The Hidden Injuries of Domestic Violence

Are You Depressed? If you answer yes to three or more of the following questions and these feelings continue for more than two weeks and/or interfere in your daily life, it is important that you seek help. Do you feel sad often or all of the time? Do... Read More

Dating Violence

One in three teens is physically, emotionally or verbally abused by a dating partner. Does your boyfriend or girlfriend do any of the following: Call you names, make fun of you? Put you down? Act extremely jealous and possessive? Want to know where... Read More

We Can Help

Domestic violence is more than a black eye. Verbal and emotional abuse are often the first stage in an abusive relationship and can lead to physical violence. No one deserves to be abused – you have options. Everyday, an alarming number of women,... Read More

Are You Being Stalked?

Stalking is a series of actions that make you feel afraid or in danger. Stalking is serious, often violent, and can escalate over time. Be aware that stalking is a crime. A stalker can be someone you know well or not at all. Most have dated or been... Read More